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The fine points will build a short "curtain" support first in order to
attach to the platform. Otherwise 50% of the supports would start in
platform holes and would float away unattached. So, the combination of
curtain supports and the additional overcure at the start of the build is
why supports are harder on the platform. I've not tried this, but if you
added a range to your supports, to the height of the curtain/fine points
interface, and reduced the overcure below that height, that might make
supports come off easier. You may also need to adjust your build start
position if your supports are deeply imbedded in the platform.

All of these are user preference settings, overcure, build start position,
etc.....I'm sure we're all different.

To Scott's question, LY 1.1 requires buildstation 5.1 for 350/500/5000/7000
machines. Not sure of the requirement for 250's.

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>Can anyone give me some suggestions on part and support parameters for the
>Lightyear 1.1. I am using Somos 7120 in an SLA5000.

I took parts of a platform this morning made with this new support style
and was surprised at how thick they built on the platform. While they
brushed off the part I dang near had to hammer them off the platform. Am I
doing something wrong?

I love the new style and it makes clean up a breeze compared to the old
method. Brush away is if I could just brush them off
that platform, I'd be happy.


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