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I prefer to think of SLA250 users as an endangered species... Although our
habitat is not threatened, a sustainable food supply is.

Should we demand federal protection status, and request bail-out money to
allow us to relocate/upgrade to the latest sustainable technology?

(Forget it, without our own lobby in Washington we could never get it


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At 01:21 PM 8/23/00 -0400, Deak, Steve wrote:
>To Scott's question, LY 1.1 requires buildstation 5.1 for 350/500/5000/7000
>machines. Not sure of the requirement for 250's.

As for the 250 users we got no upgrade for buildstation......... We all got
the CD but as you noticed it said 350/500/3500/5000, etc. We are truly the
dinosaurs.......... close to extinction.


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