Re: congrats to Shared Replicators and Tulsa Technologies

From: Doug Greenwood (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 23:47:12 EEST

I did not see the article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, but I do recall a dinosaur model (of
a Triceratops) that Jason Dickman entered into this year's 3DSNASUG Excellence award
competition, and was subsequently on display during the SME RP&M show at the Scansite booth. For
this work, if memory serves, Scansite provided the scanning services and the dinosaur bones were
made on Hasbro's SLA machines (before Jason joined Shared Replicators). I also remember (again
from the SME show) that Shared Replicators had plans for some additional work involving the same
dinosaur model, so perhaps the article being referred to deals with that follow-on work. (Btw, I
searched the Star Telegram web site, but didn't find the article, but would like to find it if
anyone can give me a link.) Thanks.

Doug Greenwood

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