Re: lightyear 1.1

Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 14:53:47 EEST

At 10:09 AM 8/23/00 -0400, Elaine Hunt wrote:

>I took parts of a platform this morning made with this new support style
>and was surprised at how thick they built on the platform. While they
>brushed off the part I dang near had to hammer them off the platform. Am I
>doing something wrong?

>I love the new style and it makes clean up a breeze compared to the old
>method. Brush away is if I could just brush them off
>that platform, I'd be happy.

I am also having the worst time removing the fine-point supports from the
platform. Strings of supports everywhere. The part comes out real nice,
especially the smaller ones. When I grow heavier parts, the parts seem to shift
a little. Maybe because of the weight? The parts are supported well and are
orientated with much consideration. I'm using this support in a 250 and I know
larger machines handle larger and heavier parts. Has anyone experienced this
with fine-point supports?

ps. Would they be able to extract any DNA from a sla250 machine to bring us
sla250 users back to life from the tar pits?

David Oblak
Senior Mech Designer/RP
Beckman/Coulter Inc.
Miami, Fl

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