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From: Glen Young (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 18:58:34 EEST

There are a variety of viewers you can buy like SolidView, but they charge quite a bit for the IGES funcionality. If you want something for a short time, download evaluations of viewers. SolidView has a great FREE viewer, but it doesn't do IGES. If you had a convertor to go from IGES to STL, VRML, SLDASM or SLDPRT (Solidworks), OBJ (Alias/Wavefront), or AutoCad's DXF, then this would work great. Magics Communicator is similar.
Otherwise the others may be more reasonably priced for specifically IGES files. (look under Open Source - Alchemist 4.0 - this is the slickest way to view, may have to wait)

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Dear list,

I am looking for an affordable 2D and 3D IGES viewer to run on a laptop.
Any suggestions?


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