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We have seen the buildstation 5.1 problem where the platform will not raise
for draining after build completion. This did not occur for buildstation
5.0. What's interesting, is the buildstation recognizes the build
completion by means of a pop-up text box (normal), but the platform has to
be raised manually. Even more interesting, is that only one SLA machine
does this, and this occurs sporadically.

LY1.1 bff file sizes are much larger, especially due to the short vectors
created using fine point supports. Support file sizes are noticeably larger
and they take longer to create in LY 1.1 compared to 1.0.

It might be better in your case to use a 3rd party support generation
software. This doesn't answer your question, except you are in the business
of making parts. We have found Lightyear does not always recognize
geometries needing support and products like Bridgeworks (Solid Concepts)
are a handy backup and work better for large files. LY may work 99% of the
time, but it looks like you're in the 1% .

Also, when your NT workstation hangs up like you describe, you may have some
workstation memory allocation issues. If support generation takes a
weekend, you probably need to shut down all other programs (I'm sure you've
done this) and reboot to clear up your system.

I'll close with "have a nice day", but that won't solve your problems,

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Hello All,

A few comments and possible questions regarding the updated software from

Lightyear it seems has a problem with large files in that I started to
create supports on a part on Friday and this morning it had not completed
it. The file size was 58megs and there were about 1.6 million triangles. I
tried several times to do a triangle reduction in Magics RP but for some
reason that did not work either. Any suggestions would help!

Has anyone else noticed that when Z-smoothing is turned on that the very top
most part of the part is missing a layer or two (the top skin)?

Buildstation does not raise the platform when the build is complete. We
have had to click on the manual raise button for every job done since the
update has taken place.

Any other comments out there?


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