RE: Buildstation 5.1

Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 20:13:06 EEST

This happens on BOTH of our SAL-500s with EVERY build!

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        That was our first impression, but not true. If autodrain is "off"
        popup window will tell us the "build is done, do you want to drain
        part?" And if autodrain is "on" the pop up window only states the
build is
        complete, as if the platform is draining. When this text box is
        the operator still must manually raise the platform.

        Again, this is a sporadic problem, It does not happen all the time
        buildstation 5.1, at least on our machines. May not be software
related at
        all. Could be a faulty microswitch on the z-stage, or other device.
        problem is to get the fault to occur when the 3D field service
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        Switch "Auto Drain" "On" this might "Automatically Drain" the part

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