RE: Question regarding Z-Corp Process

From: Alex Salvi (ASalvi@MMCCINC.COM)
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 14:15:50 EEST

When I need to impregnate/harden a starch model quickly, I spray it with
Clear Laquer. It's not quite as effective, and it smells for a day or two.
But I can live with it.
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From: Paul Jaeger []
Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 2:25 PM
Subject: Question regarding Z-Corp Process

Hello List,
I have a customer that has a Z-corp machine and while it works great for his
purposes he still would benefit from having a better way of
impregnating/hardening his parts. The wax routine works ok, but he wants
that hard plastic feel without the cost and hap-hazzard ways of dispensing
Cyanoacrylate. I sold him some polyurethane resin and he's had fair results
using that, but again, 2 part resins are difficult to apply evenly in
certain geometries.
Getting to the point, I was wondering if anyone has experimented with
cutting the starch powder with various amounts of powdered acrylic or even
polystyrene. By taking the resulting model and applying the appropiate Weld
On solvent product would there be enough bonding to tie it all together?
Paul Jaeger
Liquid Plastic Solutions

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