Re: Buildstation 5.1

Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 16:25:46 EEST

I'm not present when the build finishes. All I know is that the blade is at the
front of the tank and the elevator is still down with the message on the screen
that build has been completed. Maybe you have a point though. The blade could
very well be in the back of the tank and when the build is complete the blade
moves to the front but doesn't raise the elevator. I'll have to watch and see if
I am lucky enough to be there when the build finishes.
     One other thing I have noticed on the new build station software is the
fact that when, "Platform drawing sequence" is not set to "Complete each
component before drawing the next", the up facing surfaces are very gummy. Also
if the "best surface possible" option is used it increases the build time by
about 3X. I you want to use the best finish option I have found that if you
abort the build after all the flat surfaces have been completed and reset the
finish option to "standard finish", and then restart the build, it will help in
reducing the time and the finish on the up facing surfaces is very good.
Jerry Salhus

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