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You may want to check the build style overcures, especially downfills to the
settings you used with LY1.0 (assuming 1.0 worked well). Also, Dp and Ec of
the new resin file may be different when you loaded the new buildstation
software(this happened to be the case with us, but I made note of these
settings before loading the new software).

If all these have been done, run window panes and reverse window panes to
get new (and correct) Dp and Ec. I really doubt these values have drifted,
but the values at the buildstation (resin file) may not be right. This may
be the only way to get them if you did not make note of them before loading
the new software.

If that does not work, you may have a laser problem with beam shape or laser
UV power distribution, or the sensors may be out of calibration.

There are a ton of causes, so look to the easy solutions first. We're so
smart, we tend to over think the problem and make the solution too

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Is this problem specific to a particular model of machine(s)? I haven't
experienced any problems with my SLA3500 since installing the new
buildstation software. I have noticed, however, that my parts coming off of
my SLA250/50 are somewhat gummy on down facing surfaces. Any comments on

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I also have problems with part drainage after a build. Some times the
will go to the top and other times it will not. I have the "auto drain" box
checked with every build, but all I get is the message that part is

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