RE: Buildstation 5.1 or Bitnerd Intuition

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Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 22:54:49 EEST


We'll have to test your theory for months before acknowledging there is a
potential software bug, then confirm the actual existence of the bug with
follow-on tests and conclude with a lengthy field test program. I'll get
back to you when I'm ready to retire.

We're never here when the builds finish, so I'm note sure of the coincidence
between the recoater position at build finish and whether the platform
raises to the drain position. Hey, try 2 sweeps on every build just for
grins......that will make the blade always in front at build completion.

By the way, this only happens intermittently on our 350. The 7000 works
just fine.

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Hello my name Scooter and I am a computer geek.

If this proves to be the problem, now you just have to figure out a work
around (or deal with it till 3D Systems fixes the problem). Maybe a really
small .stl combined with the tallest part to give the run the right height
to have an even number of sweeps.


Scott "Scooter" Sutterer

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> I just watched my parts finish building in my SLA500. The blade was in the
> of the vat at the end of the build and the elevator rose to the drain
> So I think Scooter might be correct about the blade being in the back when
> build is complete and the elevator won't drain after the blade moves to
> front.
> Regards,
> Jerry Salhus

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