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From: Hannu Kaikonen (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 08:11:53 EEST

Hello RP-world

A while ago we started a project that was supposed to produce a fancy tool
for selecting suitable RP System. However, since we couldn't find any
bitwizards or skilled programmers willing to do the job we had to do with
what we had... We wanted to make it a platform independent, but we were
told it would be a huge job and we propably wouldn't be able to do
it without help, but since I've never concidered myself much of a
programmer, we did it anyway - and the results, well I wouldn't call it
facy, but pretty nice, simple Selection utility (who am I to tell,
take a look yourself).

This is the first time this Selector is publicly available. It's under
development - or betatesting if you prefer - and it will be placed into
somewhere more convenient place, but so far it's available @

We will continue to develope and expand it and the very first thing we're
supposed to do is to get the funding for the job we've already done
(adv. space for sale!) ;)

Take a look, any comments, suggestions or whatever are wellcome. Btw,
since it is a beta version, you really do not wish to use it with any
other browser than Netscape! ! ! Why? It just simply does not work - I do
not know yet why, but I'm working on a good excuse...

On behalf of myself and the whole M-team behind this utility, I'd like to
thank you all in advantage -just to make you feel obligated to visit our
Selector ;)

Have a nice one,

Hannu Kaikonen
aka Rapid Dude, your friendly admin
- forgot my signature to the end of another emai -

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