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From: Martin Koch (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 19:41:19 EEST

hello Frank,

Freeze Casting refers to the utilization of ice patterns (instead of
wax, plastic,etc.) in the Investment Casting Process.
(I am assuming that you don't mean Squeeze casting)

A quick way to access casting information is through the American
Foundry Society (AFS).
(800) 824-4237
[They will answer questions, if you call)
Modern Castings is their main monthly publication.
There is also a quarterly publication : Engineered Casting Solutions. will take you to the quarterly publication site. will take you to the AFS site.

Where you want to go is the AFS Library search engine (linked from
either site) and
conduct a literature search with "freeze and casting".
This will start you on you way to the information you seek.

Have fun
martin wrote:
> Hello RP-world
> Does anyone out there have very detailed information about freeze casting? I
> really appreciate it if you could tell me more about this technology or help
> me find some articles, books and web sites corcerning this.
> Have a nice day,
> Frank Liu
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