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From: lonepeak (lonepeak@aros.net)
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 20:15:41 EEST

Dear list:

Thomas Himmer recently contacted the list regarding -

> I would like to know
>if there is any progress concerning "lamination of metal sheets" or "metal
>LOM", especially
>for the manufacturing of dies and molds.
>I am interested in the "state of art" or if there are some research
>projects or commercial
>systems exist.

I have sent Mr. Himmer an article in PDF format that summarizes our work
with LOM metals and ceramics. The file is 2+ MB - it contains a lot of
pictures of parts and the equipment that we use. If anyone on the list is
interested in receiving the article, I would be happy to send it to them
directly. I didn't want to post it to the list because some people have
difficulty with attachments over 1 MB.


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