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Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 14:06:33 EEST

Dear all,

(Utrecht,NL / Dearborn,USA - Sept 6, 2000) Delft Spline Systems is very
proud to announce that an article written by Lex Lennings, president of
Delft Spline Systems, has been selected by the Society of Manufacturing
Engineers for publication as an SME Technical Paper.
The article is titled
"Selecting Either Layered Manufacturing or CNC Machining to Build Your
and is now published as SME Technical Paper No. PE00-171.
It has been originally written for the Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing
2000 Conference, earlier this year in Rosemont (USA).

Lex Lennings addresses any designer who needs a physical prototype and any
manager who has to decide about Rapid Prototyping (RP) processes. He gives
the following abstract for his paper:
"Two fundamentally different methods are currently available for Rapid
Prototyping: Layered Manufacturing Technology (additive) and CNC milling
(subtractive). In order to create a prototype using RP, a designer will
have to chose one of both methods. This paper gives guidelines for choosing
the most appropriate method."

SME publishes these Technical Papers to record and preserve technical
manufacturing knowledge, serving its members and the international
manufacturing community.

The paper can be ordered from the SME at
and can also be viewed at Delft Spline Systems' website


The Society of Manufacturing Engineers in Dearborn, MI is the world's
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its publications, expositions, professional development resources and
member programs, SME influences more than 500,000 manufacturing executives,
managers and engineers. Founded in 1932, SME has some 60,000 members in 70
countries and supports a network of hundreds of chapters worldwide.
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Delft Spline Systems in the Netherlands is the world's first supplier of
affordable Rapid Prototyping, using proven desktop CNC technology. The
company's main product DeskProto is recognized as market leader in 3D CAM
software for RP: Windows software to convert STL files to toolpath
information, both lowcost and easy-to-use. DeskProto is sold worldwide via
dealers and directly via Internet.
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Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
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