3D Keltool Announcement

From: Bradley C. Fox (bfox@rapid-design.com)
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 00:15:10 EEST

For Immediate Release
September 12, 2000

Rapid Tooling Technologies announces:
44% improvement in the delivery of production grade steel tool inserts
Inserts in just 5 Days using an "enhanced" 3D Keltool process

St. Paul, MN. Rapid Tooling Technologies, LLC (RTT) is pleased to
announce that it has achieved a major breakthrough in the fabrication of
production grade steel tooling inserts for plastic injection molding and
metal die cast parts. The 3D Keltool process, which normally takes about 9
days, can now be completed in just 5 days a 44% reduction in processing time!

"Our staff at RTT has over 10 years experience with 3D Keltool - we always
knew we could push development and speed up the 3D Keltool process. While
we have shortened the process time, we still have maintained accuracy, an
excellent surface finish and the superb thermal management qualities of our
A6 steel inserts" notes Brad Fox, President of RTT. Mr. Fox also stated;
"this breakthrough is the result of an aggressive R&D effort we implemented
after we acquired 3D Systems' rapid tooling facility in St. Paul and a 3D
Keltool license in February, 1999."

RTT's "enhanced" 3D Keltool process begins with a master pattern of the
tooling component a core or cavity. These patterns can be made in a rapid
prototyping process or CNC machining for greater accuracy. Once the pattern
is complete, they enter the enhanced 3D Keltool process, finishing just 5
days later.

"In relatively the same amount of time it takes to order and receive a mold
base from a catalog, our customers can also receive their custom insert.
This is a large step toward our company's goal of providing custom inserts
in a 'catalog item' time frame," said Mr. Fox.

To learn more about the products or processes discussed in this
announcement and how they might benefit your organization please contact
one of the persons listed below.

Contact Information: Brad Fox, President
                         Shannon Thayer, Customer Service Manager
                         Jim Firnstahl, General Manager

                         651-483-2703 (phone)

3D Keltool is a registered trademark of 3D Systems - Valencia, CA.

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