The knot highlighted in the September issue of Computer Graphics World

From: Karl R. Denton (
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 03:43:14 EEST

Hello all,

I have a talk coming up at the end of September and wanted to make a
give-away so that all of the attendees would have something kind of cool and
I found the knot on either the Clemson or Georgia Tech. Website. I made
about 200 of these things ( about 150 attending ) and while cleaning them I
dropped one and thought it would break into several pieces (made using
SL5180 resin). To my surprise it bounced quite a bit and not even one chip!
Seeing this as a challenge I started throwing it against walls, down halls
and this thing would not break! If any of you have a machine I suggest you
try it as it is a bit astonishing that this thing can take such abuse and
keep on going.

Anyway I just received the September issue of Computer Graphics World (way
to go to all of you highlighted in the article!) and one of the things that
the article discusses is the roots of the knot and its creator. I wonder if
he realizes that this thing is indestructible!

As a foot note: was highlighted in this weeks Crain's
Detroit Business and on (the online version of the magazine
of the same name) and we will be featured in the printed version of the
magazine as well as in 30 or so news papers around the world by syndicated
writer Bob Schwabach ( <> ). So
far every one that I talked with is extremely interested in the technologies
that make RP what it is. As further proof of this 4 of the 5 technologies
have made the top ten most viewed pages since the site went active. Word is
spreading and folks are very interested in this stuff!


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