Re: The knot highlighted in the September issue of Computer Graphics World

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Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 10:17:46 EEST

Hello all,

I do not know what the geometrie exactly is, but I made some table
tennis balls from Somos 6110 and also from Acrylate material. Wall
thickness below 1 mm

They also donot break if you throw them through the room.

> I have a talk coming up at the end of September and wanted to make a
> give-away so that all of the attendees would have something kind of cool and
> I found the knot on either the Clemson or Georgia Tech. Website. I made
> about 200 of these things ( about 150 attending ) and while cleaning them I
> dropped one and thought it would break into several pieces (made using
> SL5180 resin). To my surprise it bounced quite a bit and not even one chip!
> Seeing this as a challenge I started throwing it against walls, down halls
> and this thing would not break! If any of you have a machine I suggest you
> try it as it is a bit astonishing that this thing can take such abuse and
> keep on going.

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