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I can e-mail the files to you or you can download them from the Clemson
University ftp site at:

I'm not sure if the fluted pedestal is included the Clemson site though.

I created the parts sometime back in 1996 as an award to be given to anyone
who completed RP/SLA training at OPW.

Build each of them in whatever you consider the optimal orientation for such
a part, (that was part of the training at OPW) and paint them to suit. They
"press-fit" together.

I based the design of the "knot" on the work of M.C. Escher not the
gentleman listed in the article in the September issue of Computer Graphics
World. (I never knew of his work)

The final product is a nice paperweight sized curiosity.

I attached a .jpg rendering of the parts.

P.S. thanks for the recognition Elaine!


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Elaine & others at the west side of the Atlantic

I am intrigued. For us uninitiated (or just uninformed) Europeans on the
RPML what is this Knot you all talk so fondly over?

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