IMService Releases StlWork Low Cost($250 USD) 3D Solid Machining Cam

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New Hudson, Michigan, USA Sept. 14, 2000

IMService Releases StlWork Low Cost($250 USD) 3D Solid Machining Cam

Just released by IMService, StlWork is the answer to the need for low cost 3D machining of solids ($250). StlWork is a stand-alone CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system that processes 3D models of parts and generates instructions for CNC milling, routing machines, and machining centers. The models that StlWork processes are in the popular rapid prototyping format .stl. Its output is a standard G-code for use by hobbyist, rapid prototype manufacture, production, or product development teams.

StlWork is able to produce a female cutter path to make a mold, and a male cutter path to carve out the actual part from 3D solid models. It handles four different tool cutter shapes. StlWork will skip rapidly over pre-cut areas and constantly avoids gouging of the surfaces. Its range of uses includes 3D lettering for awards and signs, contoured part projects such as boat hulls, life-like modeling of full sized dinosaurs to a small duck or mouse, and even exquisite custom jewelry making and ornate patterns.

        The problem of finding models in .stl format is answered by StlTrans, a new translation program being released with StlWork. This program generates its own .stl files, or translates many popular file formats to .stl. Owners of StlTrans can create 3D extruded shapes, and can translate clip art and colored images into 3D shapes. An interesting capability is to make contoured landscape models as in topographical maps. Most important is that the small manufacturers and cottage businesses can translate the 3D models of .stl files from a new customer, and compete with companies using systems that cost ten too fifty times more.

        The software may be purchased by credit card, with convenient on-line ordering. A free 30 day demo of the software is available for download on the internet. IMService's future plans include bundling both packages with Amapi solid modeler, which will be available on the website later this month.

For additional information and ordering, contact: IMService at: 248-486-3600, or 1-800-386-1670 US. Internet:

StlWork is a low cost ($250) stand alone 3D solid machining Cam for use with CNC machines. StlTrans generates and translates files into an .stl format to use in 3D CNC machining work.
Company History

IMService is known as THE source for low cost Cad/Cam software in North America. IMService is a manufacturing company and has been in the software business since 1992. The company specializes in 2 and 3 axis machining and engraving software, and they are know for superior support of their products. Other popular products, sold by IMService, include Vector-Cam and Vfontz.


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