Re: Could Somebody Explain What\'s Going ON.. ON.. ON.. ON??

From: Rapid Dude (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 07:56:22 EEST

On Sun, 17 Sep 2000, Rafael Santillan wrote:

Ouch! It's early morning, please do not speak so loud ;)

> Could you please explain to us why are we receiving
> again and again those several repeated messages from
> 14th of September ??
There was a failure in one of the subscriber's mailservice that caused all
messages to be bounced and redirected. It's been now taken care of... in a

> It looks like many of us have the same problem !!
Actually, all of us.

Btw. If you receive multiple copies of a message and
it has multiple "For more info about..." - that usually indicates a mail
loop (and usually we are already working on the problem...) -
anway, the situation will not get any better by everyone asking wether
everyone else is getting multiple messages. I assume you can imagine
why... why... why... ;)

> Is there anything we can do to help to stop it??
Just be patient...

The weather is lovely in southern Finland - a promising start to a
new week! - So have a good one!

Yours truly

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