Re: Kira machine sales - IMTS 2000, Chicago

Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 15:20:01 EEST


Kira was recently selling their "PLT-A4" machine in Chicago at their special
rapid prototyping booth Sept 6 - 13. [Sounds like you may have been too busy
to get to IMTS 2000, like me this time?]

The new "PLT-A4" is greatly simplified (no more laser) and priced under
$60,000. Perhaps most intriguing is the fact that it cuts with a knife
(reportedly up to 10,000 sheets with one $15 blade - - no smoke).

By the way, over the years there have been several notes to the RPML about
the previous Kira model, in use at various locations outside Japan. I'm
providing this partial reply to your question because no other seems to have
been forthcoming - hope you get the detailed info you are seeking.

Norm Kinzie
Landfoam Topographics

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> Hello all,
> Anybody out there know how the Kira machine has been selling? Any machines
> gone out side of Japan yet?
> Karl

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