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> Dear all,
> I am looking for information about 3D printing (3DP). This is for a graduate
> report I'm writing about Time-to-market reduction, and technologies that can
> be used.
> The information about 3DP is not much and I would like to know the following:
> - Machine suppliers (not only the licenced ones)
> - Maximum dimensions of the model
> - Accuracy of the machine
> - Minimum wall thickness
> - Layer thickness
> - Maximum part weight
> - (Exact) list of materials that can be used
> I hope you can help me,
> Bas Cornelissen
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Dear Bas

I hate to say it - but since it is a graduate report - you should be using
your own powers of research - rather than asking others to do your work!

All of the information you have asked about can be found on the net from
machine providers websites. Check out 3d systems, stratasys, etc


the Wohlers Associates home page - especially the press releases for that
additional professional touch to your report:

Try using Google search engine or Raging Search and you will find the info
you need - suitable i.e. for a graduate standard report.

Lazy students! (lol)

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