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Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 18:17:26 EEST

Hello List and Mr. Kinzie,

I sent an answer directly to Mr. Kenton about (our) KIRA KSC-50 machine in
The Netherlands. This is not the same machine as the A4 plotter. The
differences are eg. KSC-50 A3 paper (special!) laminated with toner vs A4
plotter uses impregnated paper with hot melt. Both machines using a knife
(never a laser like LOM), slice =0.085 mm (0.0034").

There is a difference in removing the supportstructure, because the KSC-50
will stick much better the part volume (more toner) then the support around
it (tiles). The A4 plotter there is no difference between the part volume
and the support. So it is "more difficult" to remove the A4 plotter support
(using a iron). For big Volume parts A4 is so strong, you break the support
very easy (less detail parts) away. For a lot of detail the KIRA is very
great and smooth (PLT parts feels very good, strong and soft in your hands).
We do have this machine for about 3 years now (one of the first outside
Japan!). As an Institute we do research and development, but can also
produce parts/molds direcly for customers (what you like), not only by PLT.

TNO Industrie has got RP/RT:

-PLT KSC-50 A3 paper
-LOM 2030 paper
-HT FDM (material research like PC PEEK)
-MJM ACTUA wax parts
-3D color printing
-JOBS 5 axis milling
-HSM (high speed milling, MIKRON)
-Lasercav (laser milling!!)
-Vacuum casting (HEK)

Software Draftangulator (FOR FREE! Have a look at our webpage), for making
molds and drafts from STL files.

I hope Mr. Denton will send me/mailingslist an answer.

Greetings and have a look at our webpage, because this is just RP/RT but as
a big Institute (>5.000 people) we can do much more (product design,
development, test, electronics, software ect.) for you.

Wilfred Backers

Project: 007.KIRA/01.01
18-sep-00 16:42

TNO Industrial Technology
Department Industrial Prototyping

P.O. Box 5073
2600 GB Delft (The Netherlands)
Tel. (+31) 015-26 08 889
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        Kira was recently selling their "PLT-A4" machine in Chicago at their
        rapid prototyping booth Sept 6 - 13. [Sounds like you may have been
too busy
        to get to IMTS 2000, like me this time?]

        The new "PLT-A4" is greatly simplified (no more laser) and priced
        $60,000. Perhaps most intriguing is the fact that it cuts with a
        (reportedly up to 10,000 sheets with one $15 blade - - no smoke).

        By the way, over the years there have been several notes to the RPML
        the previous Kira model, in use at various locations outside Japan.
        providing this partial reply to your question because no other seems
to have
        been forthcoming - hope you get the detailed info you are seeking.

        Norm Kinzie
        Landfoam Topographics

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> Hello all,
> Anybody out there know how the Kira machine has been selling?
Any machines
> gone out side of Japan yet?
> Karl

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