RE: 3D printing services, suppliers, and data?

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Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 21:04:53 EEST

Travis, Chris, and List

"The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked"

But first define what a legitimate question is.

The curriculum in many schools (Elementary through College) not only
supports the idea of cut and paste research, but expects it. This is

Way back when I was in school, it was understood that higher education
served the purpose of teaching you how to find the answers, not necessarily
what the answers were. This did not mean that you should just post a notice
on a bulletin board requesting the needed data, you had to break a sweat and
look it up.

A question for those of you in academia...

How do your students verify the accuracy and validity of the data that they
Transitory web postings by un-credentialed "Experts"?

The culture today does not seem to recognize what an "Expert" is anymore. I
can claim to be an expert on almost anything and be believed without
question. Using the web as a major resource is wonderful, as long as you
understand that there's more spin than substance out there when all you have
is an IP address for a reference.


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I have to agree,
Instead of chastising a student for asking a question you should feel good
knowing that they feel this list is a good resource. No this doesn't mean
you should hand them a nice report with charts and graphs, but point them in
the right direction (Good Job Chris!). This I feel is a responsibility of
any "Expert" in any field. Negative responses to legitimate questions may
make the difference in a student becoming involved in this exciting field.
Just my $.02 worth.

Travis E. Behara
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Dear Elaine,

You are just being grumpy, the difficult thing is not getting the data it is
sorting out the wheat from the chaff and applying what is left to your
particular application.

Full marks to Bas Cornelissen for finding one of the best resources
available on RP (thanks Hannu and all the other contributors). May I suggest
you try the following links.

Rapid, links to the major RP manufacturers

Castle island RP bibliography and US patent index

Wohlers associates, the Wohlers report

High speed machining

There are many more but I think these will get you off to a flying start.

I think the only other point is that for research at any level in rapid
prototyping the best place to start is with the current manufacturers
presence on the web. Libraries even good ones will have scant information
on RP as it is such a new field.

Best of luck Bas and cheer up Elaine!


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>I am looking for information about 3D printing (3DP). This is for a
>graduate report I'm writing about Time-to-market reduction, and
>technologies that can be used.

Most of this information can be easily located. It's called library
research or web based searching. I fully expect to hear people ask for a
written report next for their PhD.

Are students getting lazier or am I just being grumpy?


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