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The problem is not the act of asking the question, it's the fact the that
questioner often has so little knowledge or background about the subject
that the question is vague or meaningless. (The exception being the
Hyper-specific "Tell me Everything" questions)

Most of the questions asked appear to be right out of a term paper
assignment syllabus.

That's where the phrase "Do your homework first!" came from.

And Yes, I firmly believe that "Calculators" and "Spell Checkers" should be
banned from use in elementary education. A crutch is a crutch.

My reasoning... If the bus rider never has to learn to walk, how can he
expect to run.

Current educational methodology leaves much to be desired. (Flame repellant

Larry Blasch

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There is a philosophical question here that needs to be brought to the
Industry, prior to the internet, thrived on keeping this hard won data and
intellectual capital under wraps. In jewelry this meant that the master
sometimes shield some of his work from the apprentice because there was a
of the apprentice learning too much too quickly and setting up his own shop
without "paying his dues". This amounted to trading sweat for education.

Now there seems to be a rush to put up all ones knowledge for all to see in
order to be perceived as the expert in order to generate the traffic needed
charge for advertising on their website. So maybe knowledge hording is

But isn't rapid prototyping about knocking down these old barriers? Where
was once trained craftsmen to execute prototypes and dies, now there is
computerized machinery. Sure the crafstman screams bloody murder but the
economist says this is alright because now he is freed from the bondage of
manual labor.

If the loss of one skillset allows for exploration into higher skills then
is wrong with that? Should we slow our students down by taking away their
calculators in order that they might perfect the lower math skills or should
allow the technology to enable exploration into trigonometry? Is word
processing wrong?

So then why can a student not access a forum such as this and ask for
direction? Should a library be without a librarian who one can ask for

Sounds like a lot of people griping about having had to walk two miles to
when the current students have buses.

Steven Pollack

"Blasch, Larry" wrote:

> Scott,
> Do they expect you to do this for free? Or will you be compensated for it?
> Placing an order for expedited service does not equate to requesting hard
> won data to minimize research time.
> Larry
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> As a teenager I worked in a warehouse. We had a sign on the front desk. It
> said "Failure to plan on your part does not account for an emergency on my
> part" In other words I am not going to bend over backwards to deal with
> lack of planning. The "Service Economy" has changed everything. I do not
> think it is a "generation issue" either. Many of us are in the SERVICE
> Bureau industry. Nearly every day I deal with customers (young and old)
> need their parts yesterday. Since we are now in a "service economy" you
> to try to get the parts to the customer yesterday. Otherwise they will
> a more service driven company to do it. My, what a web we weave.
> Scott Sutterer
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> > Neither!
> >
> > We are now part of a "Service Economy".
> >
> > We seem to have raised a generation that "Expects" to be serviced...
> >
> > Why should you do the research when you can just ask others what they
> > did and copy?
> >
> > I just recently heard that a "CASE study" means "Copy and Steal
> > Everything"
> >
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> > >I am looking for information about 3D printing (3DP). This is for a
> > >graduate report I'm writing about Time-to-market reduction, and
> > >technologies that can be used.
> >
> >
> > Most of this information can be easily located. It's called library
> > research or web based searching. I fully expect to hear people ask for
> > a
> > written report next for their PhD.
> >
> >
> > Are students getting lazier or am I just being grumpy?
> >
> >
> > Elaine
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