Rapid works Press Release

From: Paul Lasman (Paul@RapidWorksUSA.com)
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 23:20:59 EEST

Rapid Works of Torrance, California has merged with CAD Design Advantage, Inc.

Rapid Works has assumed CAD Design Advantage's product design

and product development services

TORRANCE, CA - Rapid Works, a leading provider of CAD services and Rapid Prototyping services has recently merged with CAD Design Advantage, Inc. (CDA). Rapid Works will now provide efficient product design and product development services in addition to its existing line of business.

Since Rapid Works' inception, it has been specializing in 3D engineering products and services. Rapid Works is most notably known for reliable and cost effective CAD services, chambers and parts for rapid tooling, which include:

1) CAD Services and Sales

Data translation to exchange data among many native CAD systems, such as:

      CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, I-DEAS, SolidWorks, Imageware & UNIGRAPHICS,

Data healing to overcome original CAD source data problems, such as gaps between surfaces, untrimmed surfaces, missing surfaces and unstitched surfaces, by using advanced surface and solid healing technology,

2) Rapid Tooling Systems - 30" horizontal and vertical Vacuum Pressure UV Chamber (VPUC),

3) Rapid Tooling Materials - UV acrylic, UV urethane, RTV transparent silicone and spray wax,

4) Urethane Casting, and

5) Product documentation to customize specification of product drawings, production drawings and assembly drawings.

For the past 10 years, CAD Design Advantage Inc. has provided high quality CAD services to the aerospace, automotive, telecommunication, medical and consumer product industries. Their commitment has been to provide efficient product design and development services. These services utilize the latest in solid modeling to create and deliver products in any native CAD format. CDA will continue its affordable service and support, however it will now operate under the Rapid Works name. CAD Design Advantage has recently re-located its headquarters to Torrance and all services are now being offered out of Rapid Work's facility.

Paul Lasman, owner of CAD Design Advantage Inc., will manage all aspects of engineering services and run day-to-day operations. Mr. Lasman owned and operated CDA for the life of the company and has extensive experience in CAD services. Highly regarded customers of Mr. Lasman, and whom have long-term relationships with CDA include: Boeing, McDonald Douglas, IN Inc., Allied High-tech Products and Precision Developments. Projects that CAD Design Advantage has worked on range from extensive tool design to elaborate product development.

Rapid Works is a high quality provider of CAD sales and services, rapid prototyping products and services and materials for rapid prototyping. Products and services are geared toward designers and engineers in a variety of industries. Rapid works conducts sales and marketing out of its headquarters located in Torrance, CA.

For more information about Rapid Works and/or its products or services, call (310) 257-9383, or write to 3409-A Airport Drive, Torrance, CA 90505. Faxes can be sent to (310) 257-9385. You may also visit Rapid Works on the Internet at www.rapidworkusa.com or send e-mail to info@rapidworksusa.com.

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