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Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 10:32:26 EEST

Dear Kennith,

The main steps are:
1. As in all RPTs, checking for errors and preprocessing the STL file in
order to best define machine operating parameters. (About 30 min)
2. Preparing a "base" of blank paper layer before the actual part begins
to build. (About 25min)

1. Separating the part envelope from the metallic platform. (About 5
2. Decubing the green part (means removing scrap material formed in
cubes). It takes from 30min to 5hours depending on part's shape, size &
3.Apllying sanding sealer, sanding (different sand papers) and
lackquering the part for better surface and humidity protection. (About

I hope this info is enough for you,


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"MNR. KM LOFTUS" wrote:

> Hi list,
> I need to know what is involved in the setting up and finishing
> processes of Laminated Object Manufacturing.
> Could anyone please help?
> Thanks
> Kennith Loftus
> Kennith Loftus
> Univesity of Stellenbosch

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