Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 17:11:11 EET

Tom and ALL,

Lets keep in mind that this is all for fun! My typing skills have been
discussed at length on this list before and to a very ugly end. I know Toms
intent and got a laugh out of it thanks Tom!


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             Tough crowd!

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        Dear Tom

        Surely you mean

        "then his Email should be deleted"


        "than his email should be deleted".

        I guess the daughter might have spotted that one as well!!!!

        Best regards

        The grammar police.......


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             If Karl is incompetent enough to misspell simple words than his
        should be deleted. I gave Karl's e-mail to my daughter in the 4th
        and she typed it flawlessly. Even with todays advanced
technologies the
        human brain is the superior mechanism. If Karl would proof read
instead of
        using spell check (similar to his counterparts in Palm Beach) this
        would not have occurred. Sorry Karl I just could not resist!


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