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We have been using DOW J to pour pewter into for some time. On one mold we
got well over 200 parts before we had to make a new mold!


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        With the melt temp of Pewter at 400 degrees Farenheit, I do believe
that silicon
        rubber would work. I was using silicon rubber for pouring Low melt
        containg tin bismuth at approximately 310 degrees. I used a silicon
rubber mold
        and put it immediately after pouring, into a pressure pot at about
65-75 pounds
        (paint pressure pots are readily available from Paint supplies or
        eliminated any air bubbles in your part.

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        David Bolack wrote:

> Excuse this bit. I come from way left field of the engineering
industries. :)
> Not having much luck investigating the different rapid
> prototyping processes out there, I'm turning here for some
> We're investigating using rapid prototyping to create masters
for molds
> for pewter figures. It's a fascinating technoology that looks
like it
> could be used in this capacity, possibly far more cheaply than
> sculpting. What I can't quite find out is what processes would
survive the
> 400 F temperatures for making our molds.
> Anything that will take detail well and survive making the mold
would be
> acceptable. Low cost, naturally, is a plus. :)
> Any pointers or direct advice would be greatly appreciated.
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        For more information about the rp-ml, see

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