Announcing an Open House at the RPMI

From: Douglas A. VanPutte (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 22:16:24 EET

The Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute at GA Tech will be hosting an Open House on February 8, 2001 in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of the Open House is to introduce a new set of companies to the RPMI and interest them in becoming members. The RPMI is an industry-leading research organization devoted to adding value to a company's prototyping, product development, and rapid manufacturing activities, as well as educating students to prepare them for careers in industry.
At present the RPMI research efforts are focused in three directions:
1. Large light-weight structures
2. Micro Devices
3. Rapid Tooling for injection molding
Additionally, the RPMI has on-going activities in metrology and inspection, RPM in product realization, design and CAD tools for RPM, and high speed machining for RP and RT.
To receive an invitation to the Open House by mail, please contact Doug VanPutte or Dave Rosen by telephone or email with a mailing address.

Thank you,
Douglas A. VanPutte
RPMI Industry Liaison
716-889-7335 fax
Dr. David Rosen
Director of the RPMI
404-894-9342 fax

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