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My apologies for not having stated my question correctly. When I read your press release (dated 9-1-00 on your web page) I found nothing that defined the process. I found numerous accounts of what is yielded by the process and how beneficial the process could be but not what the process is. I am also not questioning your corporate composition or your background.

If you would be so kind as to define the process for my understanding (and the RP community) I would greatly appreciate it. Your press release does reference the patents pending so I do not mean to offend with my inquire.

Thank you,

Carl Dekker

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  Thank you for your interest. Did you read the press release? STAT is night and day different. The now defunct smoke and mirror Compression and their CIRP program was NOT a new technology. I was at Compression the last year. I came in at the end and during that time we did 1 CIRP tool. CIRP was just 2 aluminum blocks at a maximum size of 2 x 6 x 6 shot in a Morgan press. The parts always had voids and stuck all the time. It did not equate to 1% of Compressions business. Tight tolerance was not achievable in cirp.

  We are a company owed and operated by 3 engineers. We have all been in this industry for several years. I have a BS in engineering, MBA, I give speeches on rapid tooling at universities and STAT our new technology is 70% of our tooling business. We current do an average of 25 STAT's per month with a total of 7 people in our whole tooling operation. We will be opening up a second facility by June for STAT only. We can consistently produce parts up 6 x 21 x 23 in 7 to 15 days. We can hold a +/- .005 tolerance. You get a real plastic part as an end result. On larger parts we will be way lower in price than an aluminum mud. In our press release we have compared other technology such as mud tooling, Kel Tool, Kirksite, DTM, RTV ect... Please read it and you will se the difference.

  I welcome you to come and visit Catalyst if you would like to see our operation.

  If you have any further exact questions I will try to answer them for you in person or on RPML.


  Earl Dunlap
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  Could you define what the difference between your STAT and the old CIRP (Compression Incorporated Rapid Prototyping) process is. >From what I have heard in the past, these are the same and basically just quick cut aluminum tools without any extras.


  Carl Dekker

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    For a "Press Release" on a new rapid tooling technology go to

    This a new proven rapid injection mold tooling system. We can achieve parts as large as 6x 18x 23 in as little a 7 days consistently at a lower cost than aluminum mud injection mold tools. We can hold tolerances tighter that .005. The press release explains STAT.

    We are developing way to enhance the strength, temperature, flexibility, memory, and impact of SLA's, RTV casted parts and SLS's. More on this next month and license will be available.


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