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Thank you for your interest. The best way I can explain it to you is Coke
and Pepsi have trade secrets not patents. This is a way to protect
proprietary material better.


Earl Dunlap
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    You say you have two registered trade secrets. What is a registered
trade secret?

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  I am not offended at all and I have been fielding alot of questions on
STAT fro two weeks now. We will be published in some trade magazines over
the next few months and maybe we will let a little more information out but
for the two main parts of what makes STAT work will stay a registered "Trade
Secret". To answer your question about patents? We do have a patent in
process and 2 registered trade secrets. We started selling this is November
1999 on a limited bases so we could develop and refine the process.

  We are combining traditional rapid tooling and composite technology. We
use a 2 layer coating process on parts of the tool to handle heat and
pressures. We have adapted molding presses with special setups to handle the
STAT molds so pressures and heat does not hurt the STAT tool. We have
compared in our press release other technologies as to capabilities.
Unfortunate this is all I can release at this time along with the other
information in that press release. I hope this helps satisfy your questions.

  Again, I apologize to you if you thought I was unset at your questions. I
will gladly answer your questions if I can. Again, I invite you to visit
Catalyst if you can?


  Earl Dunlap
  Vice President

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