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From: Gervasi, Vito (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 17:54:28 EET


We may be able to help you get to a metal composite casting. We have
never tried such a thin wall before but it should work with our process.
We may be able to run a small test sample if you are interested.
Another approach is centrifugal investment casting...I'm not sure what
the minimal wall thickness is (used for dental implants). Also, are you
sure you don't want to form sheet metal to create the geometry?

Good Luck, and please let me know if you find a source for very thin
walled castings.

Vito Gervasi
414-277-4550 wrote:

We have a customer who would like to make a 3 inch by 5 inch by 3/4 inch

eggcrate structure. The openings inside this structure are one inch in
The part has a peripheral wall that is 0.025 inches thick with the
walls having a thickness of 0.008 inches. We can make the pattern with
Sanders Rapid ToolMaker, but we are trying to find a source that could
this type of structure in aluminum or titanium.
Note: The wall thickness of 0.008 inches is the real driving

Al Hastbacka
Sanders Design

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