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Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 17:46:58 EET


I have found the best investment was to change over to a faster building

RPC 300 ND for my SLA350 meant that the SL5190 times for predip delay (30 to
35 sec) and zwait (12 to 15 sec) have come down to pre dip delay of 0 sec
and zwait also 0 sec.

for a 200 mm high build at 0.1mm layer thickness means the 50 sec saving
amount to a whopping 27.7 hours reduction.

You should try and find out if RPC resin for your SLA250 can also achieve
these time savings.

The saving that I have been accumulating may mean that I can now afford the
expense of having smart sweep software enhancement. (further time saving)

One way to speed up the SLA machine for future users would be to have multi
real time processors, real time Operating System software and some clever
programming to enable laser checking and processing to be done at the same

I have sent the following to 3D Systems Product Suggestions on Wed 22/03/00
at 10:31am
(Please change the software so that scanning the diagonal sensors is done at
the same time as the recoater is in operation.

The recoater takes about 7 to 8 seconds to travis the full vat and the
sensors take approx 5 to 6 seconds. If the build that I am waiting to finish
had this facility then we would be able to save 2.7 hours (200mm high build)
thus go home on time instead of having to do overtime.

As most of our builds utilise the whole of the platform the time saving if
we installed smart sweep would not cover the cost of installation.

I think that with the introduction of Objets technology 3D Systems SLA
running costs and upgrades to existing machines needs to be re-evaluated.)
So far I have had no response.

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Thanks for all the input. I started the build Friday morning about 10am
EST and over the weekend it completed about 47% of the build. I now
believe that I saved nothing. Even with my time added doing the second
build it would have been faster to do two complete builds of the parts. I
now know that companies who do lots of small parts will never need a
SLA7000, a souped up 250 would win every time. How does one really make
the SLA250 a screaming mean machine? A hot laser is not everything in this
case. How can we combine the Cubital layer flash method with the SLA250?


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