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From: cwhovery@cswebmail.com
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 21:36:10 EET

Hi All,

To follow up on Ian's note about the RP conference, I am trying to add more interesting perspectives and information to the Rp in architecture section. I am aware, either through the RP-ML or other reseach of the following projects, vendors and applications but am looking for links or contacts. For the time being I am adding links to the conference page but if this gets culttered I will create a separate links page. If anyone can help, (or wants easy promotion) I would appreciate you sending me a note.

The specific things I am looking for are

Construction of the Millenium Man sculpture where RP fabricated connectors were used.

The civil/mechanical firm that recently purchased a thermojet for structural visualization.

German site of a project that had used LOM for construction of several building models

Major architectural firms who have purchased thermojet or other technologies. 3D systems had once indicated that more than one of the major firms had purchased thier technolgy.

Graduate study projects or programs that have used RP. I know that MSOE and MIT have had sudents involved in RP in architecture but have not found any info on the web.

In addtion, if  you do not have time to review the conference but have a plug or bit of info you would like me to post right away, email me and I will get a post or link up.

Many thanks for sharing your insights.

Charles Overy

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