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Education related. Please disregard if not interested. If interested,
reply direct to the school.
Carl Dekker

Subject: Help students

> These guys are looking more for International countries vs. USA.
> Hello!
> We are in the third grade at Greenbriar Academy in
> Durham, North Carolina. We are located in Durham
> County, near Raleigh, which is the capital of North
> Carolina. Our social studies teacher, Ms. Thompson, is
> helping us by using her e-mail address as our e-mail
> receiver.
> We have decided to map an e-mail project. We are
> curious to see where in the world (which is our topic
> of study) our e-mail will travel via the Internet. We
> will be limiting our time to the period of December 1,
> 2000 to March 1, 2001 (only 3 months). This is not a
> pen-pal project, so we will not write you back (unless
> you request it). We would like your help. If you
> receive this message, we ask that you:
> 1) e-mail back at
> <> and tell
> us your city/state/country/location so we can plot it
> on our map AND
> 2) send this letter on to everyone you know
> so that they can send it on to everyone they know
> and so on)to help us reach even more people. (We do not
> mind receiving repeats so send it on to everyone.
> We are tracking the number of responses we receive
> by making a graph using the numbers received by state
> and country.)
> Thank you for any help you can give. Our e-mail
> address is:
> <>
> Your friends,
> Greenbriar Academy Third Grade Students
> (Ms. Thompson's Social Studies Class)
> Durham, North Carolina

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