Re: LOM Post Curing Process - your Kira question

Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 01:19:01 EET

Charleston Yan,

Regarding your message dated 1/8/01 1:45:27 AM Eastern Standard Time, in
which you write:

> 2) There was a legal suit between Kira and Helisys
> couple to years back. What is the outcome of the suit?
> I would appreciate your valuable feedback.
> Thank you in advance,

There was no actual lawsuit. You may have heard rumors which were falsely
provoked by some "trash talk".

In fact, Kira and Helisys have signed a "cross license agreement" which
settles their differences (Kira to all relevant Helisys patent claims - and
Helisys to US 5,015,312, claim #28, licensed exclusively to Kira).

This is the reason why Kira's knife-based lamination machines are now
available in the US.

Norm Kinzie

PS hope you get some good info on infiltration from others

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