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Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 09:02:03 EET

Dear "es" and all,

Could it be that you were asked about "MIM" Metal Injection Molding.

It is a technique where small metal particles are injection molded with a
        plastic substrate in seminormal conditions. The parts are the placed in
        about 1300 Centicrade oven for some time. The plastic melts away leaving
        some 9x,xx% metal part that has shrunk 20-30%.

They do this in stainless steel, Titanium etc.

It is a good method for serial production of large volumes of relatively small
        (diam under 2") parts.

As Iäm no expert on this method all corrections are welcome.

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Subject: stainless steel casting

Dear all

I have been contacted by a company from switzerland, and I think that I
missunderstood his enquiry. Well my question is, is it right that stainless
steel could be used as a casting material for getting stainless steel products.

My main experience is in plastics and I am a bit lost on this matter.

I wpould very much appreciate an answer from any body.

Thank all in advance!!!!

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