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We tested this early on with LightYear 1.0 on our dual processor box running
the NT 4.0 Workstation operating system. When we used the task manager
performance monitor, we could see that the software was only using one
processor during the slice and other tasks, and that it was utilizing 100%
of the one and the other was basically idle during the slice. We then
upgraded the operating system to NT 4.0 Server and resolved this issue with
any of the software we run on the box. NT 4.0 Server apparently uses the CPU
resources available equally, regardless of the application.

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Greetings Everyone,

    For all you computer techies out there. If I'm running a Dell
PentiumII 450Mhz (each pentium), does the software (Materialize Magic
5.41, 3D Lightyear1.1, QuickSlice6.4, FDMCOM), use both processors
simultaneously to relay data? We seem to be sufficient in all other
hardware, and I'm wondering, if the processors should be upgraded. Your
answers would be a great benefit in deciding.



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