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Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 19:30:26 EET

Yes, I think you are missing something. While both technologies you mention are
good in their own way, the SLS process provides for a wider range of material
options at close to the same price point. Plastics, foundry sand and other
casting materials, as well as the new LaserForm metal material could provide, as
you put it, the most form, fit, and function possiblities that you desire. For
more information, have a look at our website -

And yes, I work for the company, and I am simply expressing my own point of

Richard Doyle

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Subject: Best (?) Rapid Machine?

I teach in the Engineering Technology Department of a small Community College.
We are in the process of selecting an RP machine for teaching and research
applications. We will also support an active CAD/CAM maching center with a large
and diverse local customer base. Which system will provide the most versatility
for us or "best bang for our bucks"? I am looking at FDM and SLA technology. Am
I overlooking something? I am interested in comments from the group who are
actually using the equipment, pros and cons and suggestions. Obviously money is
a consideration, but we want a machine which will provide "form, fit" and as
much "function" as the technology will provide.

Thanks in advance for any and all input!

Steve Butler, P.Eng
University College of Cape Breton
Sydney, NS, Canada
B1P 6L2

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