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From: Brandon R. Ferguson (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 18:30:39 EET

Greetings Filip and all;

News on Cubital:

   * our machine (4600) is currently available. We have had no interest
   * I heard that one of the major Cubital users (they had two 5600
     machines operating 24 hours a day) - Toledo Mould & Die have shut
     down both machines some months back. (can anyone confirm this?)
   * I heard that Cubital (Israel) is no more.
   * our machine has been idle for ~1.5 years now.
   * my calculations brought resin usage to about $4.00 per layer
     (6/1000" ea) but I reached the bottom of a 55 gal. drum of resin
     almost 4x to soon. (Perhaps I am incapable of tuning the machine
   * With regard to first hand experience - I've taken the machine
     appart almost entierly and ran the beast for 2 years. The guys at
     Cubital America were absolutely fantastic with the phone support
     they supplied (specifically Udi Avrahami).

Anybody got any other news or views?

Brandon R. Ferguson
University of Calgary

Filip Rosengren wrote:

> Hi List,Does anyone have any news on Cubiatal and how their machines
> are doing on the market.Or does anyone have any first hand experience
> using their machines. I had a look at theirhome page but could not
> find any material dated after 1996.By the way - my thanks to the
> keepers of this list - very good source of information for anyone
> inthe field of RP.Filip Rosengren
> Product Manager, Speed Part AB
> Tel: +46 31 338 3993
> Fax: +46 31 886 838
> Mobile: +46 70 600 8683
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