Worldwide Guide to RP Web Site Update

Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 06:56:26 EET

Good Morning:

Several helpful additions and updates have been made to the Worldwide Guide
to Rapid Prototyping web site:

*** A new Digest of Rapid Prototyping Articles on the Web has been
established. There are links to thirty recent articles, most from the last
six months. Much of the material won't be located by search engines because
it's too far down in the structure of a site, or simply too new. There is
also an extensive directory of print publications available on the web that
follow the field on an on-going basis that makes it a lot easier to dig for
more information.

*** Mom - the Mother of All Rapid Prototyping Bibliographies - has been
updated with about 350 additional citations, and is current through December,
2000. This brings the total available citations to nearly 2,400. More to

*** The University listings have been expanded and descriptions added for
numerous programs. If your institution isn't listed, or the description is
incomplete or incorrect, please let us know. As with commercial listings,
you may add up to 50 words with your listing free.

*** Government and Research Institute listings have been expanded and
additional sources of information provided for deeper searching. Please let
us know if your description is incorrect or incomplete. These listings also
qualify for free 50 word descriptions.

*** The Compleat Rapid Prototyping Mailing List (RPML) Archive has been
updated through 1/11/01. Nearly every posting from close to the last six
years is available in downloadable text format as several zip files. The
almost 16,000 pages constitute a deep source of technology and marketing
information about RP and related areas.

All of the above and more is available at:

 <A HREF="">Worldwide Guide to Rapid

[ if that's not visible as a link: ]

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