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Paul Freeman's email from the 3DNASUG meeting listing last year is

The RPMI at GA Tech in Atlanta has a project called, "Building Around Inserts". You can access a description of the project at the RPMI web site at You may remember that the RPMI submitted a functional prototype of an SLA-250 with 11 built-in inserts in the 3DSNASUG awards competition last year as well.

The RPMI is sponsoring an Open House on February 8, 2001. Details may be found at the web site under 'What's New'. An image of the SLA-250 functional prototype is in the brochure link in the invitation document.

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Dear All After seeing DERC's winning part (a complicated metal component successfully built into an SL part) in the Excellence Award at last years 3DSNASUG conference, I have been considering having a go myself as I can see potential benefits for my customer. Has anyone tried this before? Success / Failure? How is it done? How difficult is it? Could a Standard Licence user achieve this on a SLA250/50 with SL 5170 resin? I would greatly appreciate any comments / help. Unfortunately I've lost my delegates list from last year. Can someone help me find Paul Freeman in the UK? I believe that DERC have reformed and renamed themselves to PDR? If possible could you please respond to or contact me as below. Regards Ian Unwin IEng MIIE Defence Evaluation & Research Agency DSTL/Security Division CES (ES) Dept. Room C811/12 St Andrews Road Gt Malvern Worcester WR14 3PS United Kingdom Tel +44(0)1684 896731 Fax +44(0)1684 896331 Email or -- The Information contained in this E-Mail and any subsequent correspondence is private and is intended solely for the intended recipient(s). For those other than the recipient any disclosure, copying, distribution, or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on such information is prohibited and may be unlawful.

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