Internet conference -High Speed Machining

From: Spencer Onuh (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 14:13:52 EET

Dear All

As you are aware, the latest Internet conference on Rapid
Prototyping is on and running.

Currently, there are interesting discussions on Rp systems integration on
robotics and high speed machining.

We need your view on these two areas and indeed any area that you dem fit into
the rp system integration as a whole. The link is and follow the link to the internet
conference. From there you can view the papers and make your contributions.

Thank you.

Spencer .O. Onuh (Ph.D)
Senior Lecturer
Regional Centre for Manufacturing Industries (RCMI)
Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
University of Portsmouth
Anglesea Building
Portsmouth PO1 3DJ
United Kingdom

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