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Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 19:30:53 EET

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> Subject: SME/RPA conference and RPML
> I have been asked by a few people if we are holding a RPML
> get together at
> this conference. What is the mood the the group on doing
> this again? Is
> anyone willing to sponsor us again? Sponsors on the past have
> provided us
> with a room and refreshments.......... Also what day and time
> seems to
> assure your attendance? I would like to give each attendant
> about 2minutes
> to tell the group who they are and what they do with RP....
> just thinking.......
> elaine

Keep in mind that this year, the reception on Tuesday night
is for all, not just the RPA members. All includes exhibitors,
RPA and attendees.


Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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