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CopyCAD Digitise (which will do the editing described in the previous mail)
is priced at $4,500 list, but the full Reverse Engineering CopyCAD suite
(points to triangles to surfaces to verification / inspection) is $12,000
FYI : In our upcoming release we can also manually sculpt triangle models
(add, remove, raise and lower features in triangle models).

I hope that this helps
Best Regards

Chris Lawrie

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How much is copy cad?

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        Karl et al
        Have you tried CopyCAD ( or
        The attached files show the before and after scenarios of using
based triangle refinement smoothing' ( a bit of a mouthful for what
        basically reducing the facetting of triangle models) . In some ways
this is
        the opposite of decimation.
        The images should explain all.
         <<sphere.jpg>> <<refined_sphere.jpg>>
        Best Regards
        Chris Lawrie

        Chris Lawrie Product Marketing Manager
        Delcam Plc Email
        Talbot Way tel +44 121 766 5544
        Small Heath fax +44 121 766 5511
        Birmingham mob +44 411 353330
        B10 OHJ, UK

         << File: sphere.jpg >> << File: refined_sphere.jpg >>

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