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From: William Bonner (wbonner@brapid.com)
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 16:32:55 EET

Jay no longer works here, please remove him from your distribution list.



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 <<RE: Surfacing>>

attached mail follows:

Could anyone suggest a paper or book that would give us a good idea of what
proceedures or techniques to taking point cloud data and surfaces to
parametric designs. We presently have purchased a geometric modeling book,
but would like to know better how to get a model from a point cloud to true
editable information. This may sound not to clear, but it still may be a
in rear to go backwards from point cloud data. Presently we are looking at
software to get the nurbs or polygon data., but how can we improve our
efforts in the cad world.
thanks for the comments and past help to all

John Irvin, President
NECO Incorporated
3901 Nome Street, Unit 8
Denver, CO 80239
Website: www.necoinc.com
Ph 303 574 1077
Cell 303 668 1663

We will find a way or Make one

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