SGI Indigo 2

From: Jason L. Dickman (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 20:52:06 EET

I am in the market for a SGI Indigo II R10000 box running some version of
unix (6.2 and up).
Now, before everyone points me toward Ebay, please understand that I am
currently watching to see what's comes available.
If anyone has one for sale, contact me directly.

Desired Specs:

Indigo II
R10k processor
IMPACT Graphics
256 RAM
21 monitor
UNIX 6.2 or higher w/root password

Thanks and Regards,


Jason L. Dickman
VP Lab Operations
Shared Replicators, Inc.
3638 South Memorial Dr.
Tulsa, OK USA
Voice: 918-270-8923
Fax: 918-622-1138

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