RE: date for conferences and Trade-fairs for RP, RT in 2001?

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I am currently working on the "Coming Events" area at I hope to have this up in the next couple of weeks. I will definitely add Wilred's list to the area once it is up and running.
Also Don't forget to stop by and check out the "Conference on the future of RP". There are several very interesting topics being discussed.

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> Is there is list with all RP/RT conferences and trade-fairs for 2001? I
> know the uRapid is in The Netherlands, Amsterdam in May.


I don't believe that anyone keeps a web-based list of all RP/RT conferences
and shows. Can anyone verify this or direct us to such a list???

Anyway, I keep a list myself - so far it looks like this:-


   * Research and Development in Net Shape Manufacturing - Organised by
     University of Birmingham, UK - 9-11 April 2001 in Birmingham, UK
   * ANTEC 2001 - Organised by Society of Plastics Engineers (USA) - 6-10
     May 2001 in Dallas, TX
   * uRapid 2001 - Organised by Fraunhofer-Allianz Rapid Prototyping -
     28-30 May 2001 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
   * 2nd Workshop on Materials Opportunities in Layered Manufacturing
     Technologies (MOLMT2) - Organised by Manchester Materials Science
     Centre, UMIST - 4-6 June 2001 in Manchester, UK
   * 9emes Assises Europeennes du Prototypage Rapide & 10th European
     Conference on RP&M (EURO-RP-2001) - Organised by AFPR, France and
     Loughborough University, UK - 7-8 June 2001 in Paris France
   * 7th European Conference on Advanced Materials and Processes (EUROMAT
     2001) - Organised by Federation of European Material Societies (FEMS)
     - 10-14 June 2001 in Rimini, Italy
   * 13th International Conference on Engineering Design 2001 (ICED01) -
     Organised by Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK - 21-23 June 2001
     in Glasgow, UK
   * 3rd International Conference on Laser Assisted Net Shaping (LANE2001)
     - Organised by Bavarian Laser Centre and Chair of Manufacturing
     Technology, LFT - 28-31 August in Erlangen, Germany
   * Time Compression Technologies 2001 (TCT2001) - Organised by Time
     Compression Technologies - 26-27 September 2001 in Manchester, UK
   * National Conference on RP/RT/RM - Organised by Centre for Rapid Design
     and Manufacture, UK - 20-21 June 2002 in Chalfont St Giles, UK

Trade Fairs/Shows

   * SHAPE SHOW Conference & Exhibition in conjunction with Shape
     Engineering Show - 3-5 April 2001
   * Time Compression Technologies 2001 (TCT2001) - Organised by Time
     Compression Technologies - 26-27 September 2001 in Manchester, UK

Some of these conferences (ICED01, EUROMAT2001) only have a small section
of RP or related, if any at all. I know that there are more than this
organised but I don't yet have details (SFF in Austin, ICME in Australia).

Please note that the CRDM Conference is 2002, not 2001. If anyone is
interested in presenting or just attending, please contact David Jacobson
( who will be more than happy to send you details in
the near future.

Can anyone offer any more conferences or shows? What about the dates for
the US ones?

Can anyone offer their services for a host site for a calendar of events
(e.g., which has a "coming events" section, but
nothing in it so far) that is centrally accessible by all, and easy to
remember its whereabouts?


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